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Lady Fag - Interview

If you really want to feel NYC and know the essence of it you should go at one of the 6 parties a week Ladyfag is hosting in the city, she’s the girl everyone wants to know, and yes, if you leave New York without seeing her once you can’t tell you have seen New York. The first time I’ve met her I had the same feeling I’ve proved when I’ve met Catherine Baba; an overwhelming sense of style, they both irradiate. It’s hard to not fall in love with her at first sight, sometimes there’re people that are able to live their lives as a piece of art, making their existence stylish and extraordinary and Ladyfag is one of these people.

Ok let’s start form the beginning when did you become Ladyfag?

Ladyfag was born on an art gallery floor. I wrote and performed a
piece called Ladyfag: A Love Story. It was a group show put on by Sook
Yin Lee about different incarnations of outsiders. It was my dark
fairytale lovestory to the gay men in my life and what role I play in
the world I inhabit.

You are originally from Canada than you moved to NY which is the thing you like most about this city?

It can be a tough town, people don't just happen to live here. If you are here it's cause you have some personal dream of what this city can offer. The energy of a place full of creative desires keeps it vibrant and inspiring. It pushes me to my limits which is where I'm happiest.

Do you have some latin genes in your blood you are so passionate and warm...
I often say that I'm a Chilanga. A Mexico city girl. So while It might not run through my blood it flows through my heart. I clam a lot of things that aren't technically true... I'm also a fag. I'm a believer in being proud of not only who you are but what you make yourself to be.

What do you think about Frida Kahlo?

Frida is always a source of inspiration. It's not just her artwork that resonates, but her story and her politics. It's personal for me as I spent a lot of time in Mexico, which became a sort of adopted culture that I carry a lot of love for. Her use of fashion as political statement is something that resonates deeply with me, but I feel that way about many women. Nancy Cunard is another prime example, which is where my bangle fetish comes from. As for Frida, there's a Disneyfication of her in the world which is a good and bad thing. It's great that her work is known to the mass, but to simplfy her as this tortured woman artist is a shame. She'd probably roll over in her grave if she saw keychains of her self in souvenier shops. Mexico has a strong revolutionary spirit at the core of it's people and she's a beautiful example of that and I often reference her as an homage.

How much time do you spend about the outfit or the look you what to have for one night?

Minutes to hours to days. People usually plan an outfit or a costume for one night. My life is one big stage, so I'm always busy working in my dressing room plotting furture 'Looks'. Sometimes I have ideas in my head that I've been toying with, but more often than not it's a mad professor sort of scenario. I go into my dressing room start blasting music, the hangers start flying, home accessories start getting ripped off my walls and fashioned into headpieces, then I hit up my tower of shoes, slip em on and run into the night!

I think that style is a kind of gift, there’s people that can be fabulous
even just wearing a piece of rag, and other that even if they are weraring latest designer’s dress they look like shit, Can you tell me what style means for you?

Fashion is an industry where clothes are for the consumer. Style and true fashion is an artform, and a means of creative expression. Even if I'm dressed casually it's fully thought out, there's always a mood or a statement, that I'm trying to make. Sometimes I do it just for me, and at times for an aufdience. Art shouldn't just be relegated to walls, it should be shared. I carry it on me at all times. My most often worn accessory is my bruises. I like throwing myself into my parties literally, be it jumping on the bar or crawling through the dancefloor. Now matter how pressed I look I can never look perfect with black and blue bruises all over me. Keeps things in perspective.

Beening a fashion stylist myself I would say you may like desinger’s
dresses like McQueen, Galliano, Westwood, Lacroix do you have any favourite?

Looks like you've done your research you've named my top 4. Add in Ricardo Tisci for some dark romanticism, and Mugler for some sharp theatrics and you've got my dream team. I'm not quite Ladylike enough for Alaia but I love it and I'm working on getting there! But just as I'm not a size queen I'm not a label whore either. I love vintage. I love wearing things that no one else will have and just being creative with fashion. While I'd love a Treacy on my head sometimes a perched lampshade can look just as fabulous.

I know it’s not fair to ask what’s in a lady’s pourse, but what’s in yours?
It's more like a fashionable party first aid kit in there....bandaids, bobbypins and aspirins!! There's also always an abundance of drink tickets. Which is why sometimes when people say hello they're really just waiting for me to open it!!

Fashion is a medium through which you can disseminate message which is yours?
Be yourself. Whatever you wear should be an extension of what you're trying to say.I guess that might imply I'm schitzophrenic...all the voices in my head scream pretty loud so I have to let them out through my style.

So you are hosting 5 nights in NY, can you tell me something about it?

I've hosted up to 6 parties a week. Now that I'm producing them too I had to let some go as there's much more involved. The trick is to work hard so they run seamlessly and people don't realize that there's any work and just get lost in the experience. I have lots of little subworlds of people in my life so I have 3 parties that have completely different vibes. I do Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then Monday is my "Suicide Monday" recovering day.

Is it hard to be a host, is it like acting sometimes, making always people welcome and happy when they join to your party?
At times it can be really intense. Beyond having to deal with the actual logistics of the event, I have to be available for everyone to feel welcome. When too many people start grabbing at me I sometimes sneak to the bathroom to just to sit and breathe a few minutes alone. But I'm not complaining, I have a lot of fun, and its really rewarding seeing everyone getting lost in the magic of a good party.

Getting paid or getting recognized...or maybe both?
We always laugh in my house that it's "All caché no cash!" I'm just as happy sitting at the shows in paris as I am dancing in an east Village dive bar with my friends... but hey the money doesn't hurt...especially if one day this FAG wants to be an Alaia LADY!

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