martedì 30 marzo 2010

Marcelo Krasilcic - Interview

I’ve been interested in the brazilian- american photographer's work for some time, I’ve always been touched by the the simplicity, the strengh, the fun, the intimate view and the erotic impact his pictures have always had on myself . We have been emailing for some time trying to find the right time for both of us to make this interview possible, and finally we’ve found it. Glad to interview a talented photographer who had the chance to take some fantastic photos of Hollywood celebrities like Chloe Sevigny, Joaquin Phoenix, Willem Dafoe and Michael Stipes just to name some. He’s had the talent and the intuition to be one of the first photographers who have seen the birth of magazine like Purple and Visionaire and then working for Fantastic Man, Dutch, Harpers Bazaar, Arena, Butt, I-D, Nylon, Vogue, Interview, Dazed & Confused and Self Service leaving his permanent mark on fashion.

How was growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil?
Wonderful, warm, exciting and sensual. Sao Paulo is a huge city, more then
twice the population of New York. I participated in historical protests
against the military, grew up surrounded by a profound cultural movement and spent weekend and holidays in the mountains or at the beach.

You have been raised into an Eastern European Jewish family how did that influence your vision of the world, and in particular your art?
A sense of dedication, honesty and well being are some of the most distinguished traits I got from my family. Also, my enthusiasm for form and spatial arrangement are a direct influence of my family's long tradition in furniture manufacturing and interior designing.

Do you still live in New York? Which is the side of the city you most like and why?
Yes, I am based in New York but I also have a base of operations in Sao Paulo. New York is where anything and everything can happen.

How did you end up beeing a photographer?
I was invited to take a photo course and fell in love with it,
after learning the range and depth of opportunities this new language offered.

At what age have you taken your first pictures? Do you remember your subject?
I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first shot something that was not a documentation of a vacation. I arranged some clothes on a huge antique metal and glass door with clothes pins. It looked like the clothes were running!

You have been taking pictures of celebrities like Chloe Sevigny, Joaquin Phoenix, Willem Dafoe and Michael Stipes among the others, which is the person you had hard time stop shooting because he or she was so inspiring for you?
Chloe is the celebrity I shot the most.
We first met and worked together before she did Kids.
And I have worked with her many times since then.
She is someone I hope to shoot for years to come.

Is there any person you would like to shoot but not having the chance yet?
Mandela, Obama, Louise Bourgeis, Madonna.

Any funny memories shooting those celebrities that you can tell?
First thing Joaquin Phoenix told me when we met was that he hated being photographed. Things just got better after that!

How important is sexuality in your work?
Very important!

I really love the way you photograph people and it seems that people like to be photograph by you. How do you create this connection?
I love to photograph people, I try to make everyone fell welcomed during my shoots.
My goal is to create a great photo and I think people get enthused by that.

How do you make them feel comfortable?
I try to create a relaxed atmosphere, show genuine interest, and pay
attention to every detail from food to music, temperature and cast.

How do you consider the role of a phototgrapher? Have you ever felt the honor and the weight that some of those people you have shoot would have been remember forever with your pics?
I am way more concerned with creating an image that gets me excited then its future repercussions.

Can you tell me some nice memories you had during some of your shootings?
Shooting in beautiful Tahiti changed my life. If I ever had any doubts,
being there confirmed how cared for and protected I am.

Every photograph looks like a great time. Are you ever not having fun?
Shooting is always great fun.
Some pre and post production aspects can be less pleasant but I am a pretty upbeat guy.

What attracts you to the people you shoot for your projects? How do you choose them?
Sometimes it is their talent, beauty or nakedness.
Other times it is how much money I am making.
The choosing is different for every project.
I mostly have a lot of control.
At times it is decided by the client or magazine and I together.

What kind of music you like to listening to when you are shooting?
Mutantes, Caetano, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Nina Simone, INXS,
Clarence Carter and some samba.

You have been travelling all over the world in many beautiful places
which is the place you’ll never have enogh of shooting there?
It has to be Trancoso which is a paradise I have been going to at least once
or twice a year for the last 7 years.

You have done some short movies too, how do you enjoy this different way of expression?
I love doing videos and movies. The process of creating still and moving
images is becoming the same. The post production can be gruesome, though.

You are one of today's most renowned fashion photographers you
contributed to the early efforts of magazines like Purple and Visionaire, to Fantastic Man, Butt, Dutch, Harpers Bazaar, Arena, I-D, Nylon. Which is the things you like most about shooting fashion?
I am inspired by great design and the experience of having a talented crew
creating together.
I also like the idea of inadvertently creating fashion documents that with time will show the character of a specific era.

Many big fashion magazines are closing down, do you think the web magazines can replace the paper?
I believe paper magazines will always be around but also that web magazines and blogs have already eaten a big chunk of their market.

Is there any photographer you really admire?
Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Nobuyoshi Araki - I am old school!

Any dreams for future projects?
I will be lauching Pillowland's website in the next few months.
Pillowland is set to become one of the world's favorite vacation spots.
Krazy Chic Tours (providing visual tours for the whole family!) will
exclusively chart tours to Pillowland.
I am also shooting the Brazilian issue of Electric Youth that's coming out in the spring of 2010. And I am publishing a book with work from the 90's. It is an intimate portrait of the 90's with a mix of nudes and interiors and a dash of fashion and portraits. It is a dream come true!

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